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Important Info on your Browser
Your modern day browser is much more than a simple internet exploration tool. With it, you can connect to websites, surf, shop and view at your convenience. With it, the world awaits you online and you have access to every kind of data at your fingertips.

However, your browser may not behave well at all times. It may crash or freeze; making it difficult for the user to use the internet efficiently. As a result, data browsing could come to a standstill. At Ixpertize, we take this problem very seriously and have devised solutions to help your browsers run smoothly, thereby, allowing you to work online without hassle.

Some browser issues we can help with include:

To get these and other browser issues resolved; call us at Ixpertize on 020 8123 4481. Our live technicians will be happy to help you.

 Technical Tips
  • Never click on external links in your email or reply to verify your account emails as it might be scam.
  • Avoid downloading unknown softwares from the internet.
  • Always have an active antivirus protection on your system.
  • Scan your system regularly for harmful threats or files.
  • Family Guide to making the Internet and technology fun, safe and productive.