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Irritated with pop ups!
Pop-up windows, or pop-ups, are windows that appear automatically without your permission. They vary in size but usually don't cover the whole screen. Some pop-ups open on top of the current window, while others appear underneath (pop-unders). Some websites, including some banking sites, use pop-ups for important features.

It is virtually impossible to make a program that will eliminate pop-up windows completely, while leaving those that are useful or even vital for website navigation. Many software companies tried and failed that is why you see more and more of those pop-up windows every day.

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 Technical Tips
  • Never click on external links in your email or reply to verify your account emails as it might be scam.
  • Avoid downloading unknown softwares from the internet.
  • Always have an active antivirus protection on your system.
  • Scan your system regularly for harmful threats or files.
  • Family Guide to making the Internet and technology fun, safe and productive.